Hand held electric tools operation safety technical disclosure

2021-04-22 13:35:28

1. the use of cutting machines, grinding should be kept sharp, intact, correct installation, firm and reliable.

2. the speed of grinding wheel machine is more than 10000r/min, so the quality and installation of grinding wheel have strict requirements. Before use, should check the wheel and ground cushion and cross firm installation, not too tight nut, where damp, deformation, crack, breakage, knock notched or contacted wheel oil and alkali are not allowed to use, and shall not use self drying wet grinding wheel.

3. hand electric tools in high speed, high vibration, when working in direct contact with the human body, so in humid areas or in the operation conductive metal structures, pressure vessels, pipelines and other good places, must use power tools with double or reinforced insulation.

4. using engineering plastics as the shell of non-metallic shell motor, electrical appliances, in storage and use, should prevent compression, damp, and shall not contact gasoline and other solvents.

5. inspection before operation should meet the following requirements:

In order to ensure the normal use of hand held electric tools, inspection must be carried out according to the following requirements before the operation of hand-held power tools:

(1) the shell and handle are free from cracks and breakage;

(2) the cable cord and plug are in good condition, the switch works normally, the connection of protection is zero, the connection is right, firm and reliable;

(3) all the protective covers are complete and firm, and the electric protection devices are reliable.

6. machines should be operated without load after starting. Should check and confirm the machine linkage flexible and unimpeded. When working, the force should be stable, not to force too much.

7. overloading is strictly prohibited. In order to prolong the service life of machine tools, attention should be paid to the sound and temperature rise, and the abnormal inspection should be stopped immediately. When the operation is too long, the machine temperature should be over 60 degrees, should stop, after natural cooling operation again.

8. job, do not touch the cutting tool, mold and grinding wheel by hand, is found to be blunt, damaged, repair or replacement should be immediately shut down, and then continue to work.

9. hand-held power tools rely on the hands of the operator to control, if in the process of running, machines lose control, will damage the workpiece, damage to the machine, and even cause harm to the body. Therefore, the machine must not be allowed to move when it is rotating.

10. the use of impact drill or hammer, should meet the following requirements:

(1) operations should master the electric drill or electric hammer handle, drilling bit first arrived in the work surface, and then start, moderate, avoid shaking speed; if a sharp decline, should reduce the force, to prevent motor overload, non pressurized operation bar;

(2) attention should be paid to avoiding steel bar in concrete when drilling;

(3) 40% electric hammer drill and intermittent working system, shall be continuously used for a long time;

(4) when the operating aperture is above 25mm, there should be a stable working platform, and the guardrail should be installed around it.



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