Safety operation rules for hand held electric tools

2021-04-22 13:35:01

1, general use II class hand-held motor tools, and install rated electric shock action current is not greater than 15mA, rated action time is less than 0. seconds leakage protector. If I type hand-held power tools are used, the zero - point protection must also be used. Operators must wear insulating gloves, wear insulating boots or stand on the insulation pad.

2, in the humid place or metal frame operation, we must choose II class hand-held power tools, and equipped with splash leakage protector. The use of class I hand-held power tools is prohibited.

3, the narrow place (boiler, metal containers, waste pipe, etc.) should use the III class of hand-held electric tool with isolation transformer; if the selection of II type portable electric tools, leakage protection device must be installed with the fortification. The isolation transformer or leakage protector is installed outside the narrow place, and it should be monitored when working.

4. The load line of hand held electric tools must adopt the weather resistant rubber sheath copper core cable, and must not have the joint.  Prohibit the use of plastic yarn.

5, damp, deformation, crack, broken, knock edge gap or contact with oil, alkali grinding wheel may not be used. Wet abrasive discs shall not be dried by themselves. The grinding wheel and the disc cushion should be installed securely, and the nut must not be too tight.

6, must check before work:

(1) the shell and handle should be free of cracks and breakage;

(2) protection zero connection should be correct, firm and reliable, cable cord and plug and other intact, switch action should be normal, and pay attention to the operation of the switch;

(3) the electric protection device is good, reliable, and the mechanical protection device is complete.

7, after starting the air transfer and check the tool running should be flexible and unimpeded.

8, portable grinder, angle grinder, organic glass cover must be installed, when operating the afterburner to balance, not overexert.

9, strictly prohibit overload use, pay attention to the sound, heating, found abnormal should immediately stop inspection, operation time is too long, temperature rise, should stop, after natural cooling, and then homework.

10 in operation, do not touch the cutting tool, mold, grinding wheel by hand, found a blunt, damaged situation should immediately stop the repair and replacement after operation.

11, machines shall not be allowed to run.

12, the use of electric drill notes;

(1) drill bit should be drilled on the workpiece, not empty hit and dead;

(2) the steel bar in concrete should be avoided when drilling;

(3) must be vertical on the workpiece, not to shake in the drill hole;

(4) using the impact drill with diameter over 25 mm, the fence should be installed around the work site. The above ground operation should have a stable platform.

13, the use of angle grinder grinding wheel that safety line speed of 80 m / min, as the grinding wheel and the work surface should be inclined to position 15-30 degrees. The grinding wheel should not be tilted when cutting.



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